Portland State Thoughts

With Oregon State’s Matt Moore completing 26 of 38 passes for 367 yards in his debut, the Beavers beat Portland State Saturday 41-14. I thought Moore had a good day from my perspective. The only interception he threw, on the first drive, wasn’t that big of a deal in that it was on third down and the Beavers would of had to punt anyway. PSU got the ball on the 13. Our running game didn’t look that bad, but only got 77 yards compared to PSU’s 126.
Dennis Ericson got a nice ovation before the game, as well as OSU former QB Johathan Smith. I’m sure DA and Steven Jackson were off watching this one as well. I saw on some news highlights that Derek Anderson scored the game winning TD for Baltimore in OT but I could be wrong. Also, with the addition of Reser Stadium, came “several” new speakers. Too bad the PA system didn’t work half the time. I’m sure they’ll get that figured out. It was probley all the people they had in there…. Blew em’ out. Prior to the expansion, Reser seated 35,362 and was the smallest stadium in the Pac-10. The Beavers had a 28-game sellout streak going into Saturday’s game with the greater capacity, and fell about 100 tickets short of a sellout. Boise State is already sold out for next week. Labor Day weekend probley had something to do with the empty seets, which there were more than 100.
The Montgomery Gentry concert was good as well. Kinda funny to see that in a football stadium, but hey, it works. You can cram way more people into that than any basketball arena. A lot of people left though.
Overall, good start to the season. We’ll see how good we really are against Boise State next week. 


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