Around the League: Games of Note

Pac 10

No. 5 LSU 35, No. 15 Arizona State 31
After returning from Corvallis, I turned on the TV to catch some highlights just to see Early Daucet catch a 39 yard catch from Tiger WB JaMarcus Russell. It was a fourth down, late in the fourth quarter which put LSU up 35-31. Arizona State had one last chance. They looked good, got the ball up the field, but missed a fourth down conversion. They would have easily scored and had plenty of time but couldn’t get it done within four snaps.
Arizona State was the lucky team that gets a shot at LSU this year. We all remember what happened the the Beavers last year.

No. 16 California 56, Washington 17
Saw some of this game eating lunch in the MU. Washington was doing a good job of staying with the Bears early but just couldn’t hang on. Joe Ayoob also came back with a good performance for Cal.

Stanford 41, Navy 38
Stanford won their opener under coach Walt Harris. We’ll see what they can do next week versus UC Davis.

Oregon 47, Montana 14
Blowout. Equivalent of Portland State only worse. Lets see who gets the last laugh against Fresno State next week. And then just when they thought it was over, USC is knocking on Autzen’s door the week after that.

UCLA 63, Rice 21
UCLA scored the first seven times they touched the ball. Blah.

Arizona 31, Northern Arizona 15
Heck, that could be their only win. Except maybe Washington

The Rest of the League

No. 2 Texas 25, No.4 Ohio State 22
Hype, Hype, Hype

No. 20 Notre Dame 17, No. 3 Michigan 10
What? Who saw that one coming?

Iowa State 23, No. 8 Iowa 3
Party at the field goal kicker’s house.

No. 9 Georgia 17, South Carolina 15
Georgia ahead most of this one, and the Boise State players were happy when they announced the score. Didn’t stay that way though.

No. 21 Texas Tech 56, No. 119 Florida International 3
Must have been a tough game to get on the schedule for Texas Tech. Florida International is picked to be dead last in D-IA Ball. Not a bad performance here. They only lost by 53.

No. 24 Fresno State 55, Weber State 17
Fresno State’s all fired up for the Ducks. 



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