Lousisville Preview

Okay. For this game, I deicded to add on just a little to my ever so interesting comentary. I just played Oregon State vs. Louisville in a slightly outdated version of NCAA Football 2K3. Anyway, I changed Derek Anderson to Matt Moore and James Newson to Mike Hass, and reluctantly Steven Jackson to Yvenson Bernard. Not to make any predictions here… but the Beavers won that game 27-20. It was a very funny game from my perspective. Here goes….

Matt Moore was the leading rusher on the field with 178 yards. HaHa. He had a 42 yard TD run and a comical 73 yard run in which he broke 5 tackles and ran for the TD. Also 150+ passing yards, most of which to the following. Mike Hass was the only receiver that could actually catch the ball and he had some great plays. Keep in mind this is XBox… not tomorrow’s game. 😉 I didn’t change any of the Louisville players, and they still had their good QB from a couple years back. I was losing 20-6 at the half, and managed to come back thanks to some good D, and like I said, Matt Moore’s runs.

So… out of the hard drive and into reality… Tomorrow. The Beavers have a big challenge ahead of them at Papa John’s Stadium. Just around the same size as Reser, but much more laid back like Stanford’s Stadium (Which is undergoing major remodeling by the way), and not so much in your face and on top of you as Reser is. 🙂

QB Brian Brohm should put on a good show, as should Matt Moore. Should be some good competition. OSU really has to play error free football to take home the W. Also, they need to bounce back in the areas of Special Teams, their Cornerbacks, and the Running game could use an extra boost. If OSU can handle all this, wake up, and play error free football, I think they have a chance.

Go Beavers!


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