Arizona Preview and Summary

 Wow. Haven’t been able to post for awhile. I’ve been pretty caught up in school recently.

Arizona State. First thing that comes to mind is Sideline official Sweed Clappe getting hit, and the Sun Devils escalating from there. I think they scored 4 TD’s in the 4th after that incident. I will say that my XBox simuation was wrong for the second strait week. We’ll see how the WSU game turns out. I do have a few notes from the ASU game:

  • Anyone catch the hit Matt Moore had on a QB run? He didn’t even try to avoid contact… he just ran right into two ASU guys and got hit pretty good.
  • I can’t believe how many times the Beaver D hit Sam Keller after he had just thrown the ball. Sacks is the stat that really gets me… Oregon State QB’s were sacked 8 times for a loss of 42 yards. Sam Keller was sacked twice for 14 yards, and Sam Keller was the one limping after hits. I didn’t see any signs of injury from Matt Moore.
  • Oregon State had a nice game rushing. They outrushed ASU 144-95, probley the best ratio we’ve had all year. Oregon State also out passed ASU- by one yard, 381-380.
  • Another stat that gets me. Fumbles and Interceptions. Oregon State gave up 3 of each, and ASU didn’t have any.
  • 4 games into the year, I still don’t know what to think about the Instant Replay rule. I’m probably wrong, but I can’t remember one going Oregon State’s way all season.

Next Up: Washington State

Go Beavs!


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