Just When You thought the Beavers were Bad

  Let me throw some numbers at you.

I decided to check in with the Player Rankings at CBSSportsline.com. I was surprised. They rate the positions of Quarterback, Running back, Wide Receiver, and Tight End. Keep in mind… they crunch the numbers, not vote using humans on popularity and who plays for the best school. I wish they had a way of ranking defense, too.

Matt Moore
– Ranked 28th Best Quarterback. He’s ahead of Brodie Croyle from ‘Bama, Sam Keller from Arizona State, and Chris Leak of Florida.

Mike Hass
– #1 WR, Baby. He’s ahead of… well… everybody.

Yvenson Bernard– Surprise of the day. #7 Running Back in the country. Ahead of- Reggie Bush, LenDale White, Maurice Drew, and others. And he’s a sophmore. He is and has been significantly underestimated. Don’t Believe Me? Here’s proof.

The only position of these 4 that the Beavers are weak at would be Tight End. Dan Haines is the top Beaver on the list at 59th. Not Horrible, but we could use some more support there.

That said, you know what we could really use right now?

Joe Newton. Hope he is back in stride next year.

Go Beavers!


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