Not Much Offense, Good Defense, and 6 Field Goals

  Win? Who would of thought…

But, we were playing Washington, the worst team in the Pac-10. And, it was raining sideways most of the game. Anyway, How about Alexis Serna? They’re all talking about how he should be earning the Lee Groza award this year… and he should, he’s a great kicker. But Honestly. There is no excuse for winning the game with 6 field goals alone. You can’t expect to ride out the season with habits like we’ve developed. We broke the Losing Going Into Halftime streak, but we officially can’t score in the red zone. I think that as coaches you have to come up with a bread-and-butter play that works in the red zone. I don’t think running up the middle is going to do it for us every time.

The Defense was great. Something liek 12 tackles for loss. Great job preparing by Bunker and the rest of the Defensive staff.

Overall, Ok game. Stanford should give us one final test before the Civil War. Stanford is getting beat by USC, and Oregon beat Cal in OT, so this should be an intereseting rest of the season.

One quick note… Arizona 52, UCLA 14. Ouch.

Go Beavers!


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