Instant Replay in College Football

Head Coach Mike Riley still thinks that instant replay in college football is a good idea. Do you?
“I can see the benefit, and I’ve already seen the benefit of being able to use replays,” Riley told The Oregonian. “I just think they’ll get better at it as they go. I thought Saturday’s game was an unusual amount of delay on some things, but I guess they just wanted to get it right.”
I don’t think it works for college football. Yes, it works in the pros, but it’s not right for the college level. It totally changes the way the refs call the game. They will spend 2-3 minutes talking about a play, and then challenge it. They blow whistles later in fear of making a mistake. And Honestly, if a running back goes in for a touchdown at the goal line and ends up in a pile, how can you see that in a replay. That’s all judgement by the refs. This happened at the Washington State game, and there wasn’t even TV coverage.

From the Oregonian:

The first review came on a third-and-1 play from the Washington State 10 after officials ruled OSU receiver Mike Hass came down out of bounds as he made a diving catch at about the 2-yard line. Although Hass appeared from one replay angle to have both feet inbound, the call stood because there was not “indisputable evidence” to warrant a reversal.

For more info, check out a similar article on
Riley has mixed feelings on replay


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