More On Hass

On second look, here are some more articles on OSU reciever Mike Hass. Thanks for pointing these out Jason


USA Today: Oregon State in good hands with Hass 

Oregon State coach Mike Riley says his senior receiver, Mike
Hass, represents one of the best examples Riley has seen of what self-confidence
can do for an athlete.
When no program in NCAA Division I-A or I-AA would offer the
Oregon high school Class 4A player of the year a scholarship after the 2000
season, Hass walked on at Oregon State, hoping to someday impress the staff of
then-coach Dennis Erickson enough to be awarded that scholarship.
Four years later, Hass not only has a scholarship but has emerged as one of the nation’s
best receivers. He leads Division I-A in receiving yards a game (166.2) and
ranks second in catches a game (9.4) 

News Tribune: Oregon State’s Hass has his hands full  


Jason Prothero: Cal Media Perspective, Hass’s National Attention 


Also, Check out these articles on true Freshman Al Afalava, who had a very impressive game against Washington State: 


OregonLive: Chasing a Dream 

Every day, Oregon State freshman Al Afalava talks on the phone to his
mother in Hawaii.
The Beavers’ reserve free safety usually tells her what’s
happening in his classes and with the football team, and she tells him what’s
new with his family and the rest of the folks back home. But the daily
long-distance contact is no substitute for the thing he misses the most:

Her cooking.

If Afalava had listened to his mother eight months ago, he wouldn’t even be
at Oregon State. He’d be playing for Brigham Young University.
But Afalava
said his dream is to play in the NFL, and that’s one of the main reasons he
picked Oregon State. The 6-foot, 180-pound safety concluded that the Pacific-10
Conference is tougher from top to bottom than the Mountain West Conference, the
Pac-10 gets more national exposure than the Mountain West, and the Pac-10 turns
out more pro players than the Mountain West. 

Corvallis Gazette Times: Someone to talk about 


Corvallis Gazette Times: Hustle helps Afalava make key play 


Jason Prothero: Al Afalava Getting Serous Love from Beaver Nation 


I must say that both players are very fun to watch, and the Beavers still have some very good, young, talented players. Some that come to mind are Josh Tarver, Sean Canfield, and Al Afalava. 


Great Work Guys! 

Go Beavs! 


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