Oregon State Upsets #18 Cal

The defense carried Oregon State most of the game as they snapped No. 18 California’s 10-game home winning streak in a 23-20 victory on Saturday.

Except for my Xbox, I think everyone was hoping OSU could could just keep it close without getting embarrassed. In the first half, the Beavers struggled to get things going offensively, but their defense was keeping them in the game. They didn’t convert any touchdowns, and had to settle for three field goals from inside the 20. That’s all they got on five red zone appearances.

The Beavers came out in the second half, drove 80 yards in 8 plays, and Yvenson Bernard scored on a 31 yard run, putting the Beavers ahead to the tune of 16-14.

Marshawn Lynch, who rushed for 61 yards on 14 attempts in the first half, sat out the entire 2nd Half because of two fumbles late in the second quarter.

With 8:30 left in the 3rd, Sabby Piscatelli recovered a fumble that was caused by Keith Ellison. This put the ball at the OSU 35 yard line. On their drive, Yvenson Bernard came up with 40 rushing yards in seven attempts, and the last one ended up as a fumble in the end zone.

Yvenson ran to the outside, as was running side by side to Mike Hass and Donnie McCleskey of Cal. Bernard ran into Hass, which knocked the ball out of Bernard’s hands into the endzone. The ball bounced out of bounds by a mere 2-3 inches, and Hass fell on the ball. One ref signaled Touchdown, but with instant replay now available, that means nothing. The refs conversed, ruled it touchdown, and the replay official signaled for the review. I think that the refs got it right, but the way they did it was not smooth. They ruled TD, but in order to overturn the call, you have to have indisputable evidence to overturn the call. I think that there was not enough evidence to overturn the TD call, even though end the end they made the right call.

Cal’s next drive, Joe Ayoob completed a 60 yard touchdown pass, which was called back on a holding penalty by a lineman. A few plays later, Ayoob completed a pass to O’Keith which took the ball down to the 5, where Ayoob ran the ball in for the touchdown.

With 14:48 to go in the game, the Beavers were forced to punt from their own 35, and the punt went for 65 yards and was downed inside the 1. Palescu got a high snap, and was forced to get off a quick wobbly punt, which got a great bounce and was then down. Cal was then forced to punt from their 2, and the Beavers regained possession.

On that drive, Matt Moore was intercepted. The play that went for and interception was started at the 46, Matt threw a deep pass to I think Hass, then McKlesky intercepted the ball and ran it to the 45. Ayoob converted a pass to Gray the Tight End, and had a decent drive going. Keith Ellison applied pressure to Ayoob, and he was forced to throw off his back foot- into the hands of Andy Darkins.

A few plays later, OSU was put in a 4th and 1 situation, and decided to go for it. The play started with whistles, which was a QB Sneak, and Riley had called a timeout, the Beavers got the fourth down, but it was negated by the penalty. Their second try, they decided to punt. Palescu had another great punt and it was downed inside the 1 again.

That drive, Cal was stuck in their end zone, where Ayoob completed a desperation pass to the 13 for a first down. Sabby Piscatelli intercepted the next ball for the Beavs, and was taken down at the 32. Bernard ran the ball in for 11 yards, and the Beavers were back on top 23-20.

It would end up staying that way, with 2 3-and-outs for each team. With :17 remaining, Ayoob threw an incomplete pass on 4th and 6, which gave the Beavers the ball. Moore downed the ball to end the game.

“They had confidence” Mike Riley said in a post-game interview. “There was no doubt that the defense felt we could stop them, and there was no doubt the offense thought we could move the ball.”

Oregon State 23, #18 California 20


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