OSU at Cal Channel Surfing Guide


Here are some games to pay attention too during commercials, halftime, before, and after the game.
Kansas State at Texas Tech, ABC 9:00
Michigan State at Ohio State, ABC 9:00
I guess both these games will be going on at the same time, or will they be swithing back and forth?
USC at Notre Dame, 12:30 NBC
Huge game for both teams. Will Notre Dame be ablet to beat USC? This one is at the same time as the Beavers, but only two channels away.
And, just so you know, there are 4 games ABC will be covering, with regional coverage for each one. Here are the games going on at the same time as the OSU-Cal.
First Off,
Oregon State at California, 12:30 ABC
The Beavers venture into Bear counrty
See My preview of the game
Other Games Covered by ABC
Penn State at Michigan
Colorado at Texas
Louisville at West Virginia
To clear up any issues, here is ABC’s viewing map of today’s games.
UCLA at Washington State, FSN 3:30
Can the Cougs bounce back from two strait losses? Will Alex Brink remain the starting QB?
Florida State at Virginia, ESPN 4:45
This should be a good game, as Florida State trys to prove themselves even more.

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