The Game Before The Game: NCAA 2K3 Simulation

If this were 2003, and we played football in armchairs and recliners, this might be accurate. I’m telling you, in my mind, this is not accurate, but Beaver Nation should hope it is….

Oregon State 17, Cal 10
Yes, OSU won my simulation. Hey, I didn’t even play, I just say back and watched! Cal had a field goal attempt the last play of the game that went wide left, so that could of brought the score closer. This just proves that actual human being coaches are better than computers and robots…. If the clock is running out, you’re down by 7, one play left, how is a field goal going to help you? Anyway, not may yards here, 150 for OSU, 108 for Cal. I only played five minute quarters.

Do not hold me to this prediction, I never said it was true, I hope it will be true, but no guarantees. Hey, this is the 2003 version, back when the Beavers had Steven Jackson, DA, Richard Siegler, and some notable DB’s. Heck, Maybe I should just buy the 2006 version.

Go Beavers!

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