What They’re Saying: OSU 23, Cal 20

Here are a few stories regarding this weekends’ victory over Cal.

Cal Scout: Cal Bears Bow to Oregon State, 23-20
Here’s what this site rates Cal on their performance:

Offense: O-line did not protect Ayoob, who struggled mightily under duress; Lynch needs to rest his injured hand because his turnovers killed Cal early; DeSean Jackson dropped a key touchdown pass. Grade: F
Defense: Allowed Bernard to channel the ghost of Stephen Jackson to run roughshod over Cal. Grade: F
Special Teams: Surrendered a 51-yard punt return off of a nifty reverse; lost field position battle all day, twice forcing Cal’s offense to start on its own half-yard line. Grade: F
Coaching: “It was a bad game plan,” Tedford said. “We have to give our players a better chance to win.” Grade: F
Fans: Despite offering free tickets to UC Berkeley staff members and no midterms in sight for the student body, attendance was a season-low 57,174. And most alumni headed for the exits well before Ayoob lofted his final few unanswered prayers of the afternoon. Grade: F

Sorry to be a bit negative.

by Jeff Rhode

Yeah, how about that nifty reverse? I think I’d have to give Beaver Nation fans an A on thier performance. From what I’ve read, they were just as loud as Cal fans, and they were there in great numbers.  

Gazette-Times: Bye week benefit package

Register-Guard: Celebration Time Is Over For OSU

The Daily Californian: Sitting Lynch Out Grounded Cal’s Chances

AP Article: Second straight loss exposes No. 25 Cal’s big problems

OregonLive: Bernard Gets Offense Up and Running

Go Beavers!

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