Mike Hass

I found a few interesting things on Mike Hass lately, and I figure it’s time for an update.

Browsing the OSU Beaver Athletic website, I found the press release on this weekend’s matchup with Arizona. Check out this excerpt.

HE’S THE FIRST: Oregon State’s Mike Hass (pronounced like pass) is the first receiver in Pac-10 history to have three 1,000-plus yard seasons. The senior has 3,436 career yards in three seasons on offense, fifth all-time in the conference. He enters the week first in the NCAA for yards per game at 149.6 and third for receptions per game at 8.3.

Yep, they’re cracking down on all those out-of-towners pronouncing it Haas, like cause only with an h. I’m starting to get sick of hearing it that way. They spell it Haas, too. I like the analogy, using the word pass and all. Check out those stats while you’re at it. Not Bad.
Also, the buzz lately has been about this Mike Hass rap song done by KFXX (1080 The Fan). You can find it on the link below, as well as some other very intersting things that speak for themselvs. I’ll let you figure that out.
1080 The Fan Mike Hass Link- And Other Stuff
The link to the Mike Hass song is at the bottom, as well as another Beaver song thats worth a ear… ‘I was a Beaver’. Check it Out.
Hass for Heisman!
Go Beavers!

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