had a feeling this would be a tough game. When it boiled down to is, they showed up to play, and we were only there about half the time.

The Beavers desperately need to improve on two things. 1) Capitalize on the other team’s turnovers/mistakes. 2) Prevent their own. They do that, and they’re in good shape. Another thing I just had to bring up…. What do ya’all thing about Mike Riley and the rest of his coaching staff. I think they’re cracking the whip (or at least trying), both with academic issues and on the field. Example: Riley getting mad at one of his linemen during the game.

Oregon State came out tough, and I liked the agressive play calling to Hass early. I think they need to call that play more often. The deep ball to Hass. UCLA just came right back and Oregon State couldn’t put them away, and they soon were out of reach.

I betcha OSU makes it to a bowl this year. With 4 games left, Arizona and Stanford at home, Washington and Oregon away, it should get interesting. I say wins against Arizona and Washington, and I’m not sure about Stanford. They’re turning into a scary team. The Civil War is a tossup, and with Kellen Clemens out, it could be close. Ossuming the Beavs go injury free into mid-November.

Go Beavers!


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