Dang. We had them. I can’t believe that we can get 200+ more yards than the opponent, and lose the game by 2. Yvenson Bernard accounted for I think almost 200 yards, but the Beavers couldn’t put Arizona away in the third quarter. A few things:

  • I honestly think we lost this game in the first half. We can’t be happy going into the locker room behind just because It’s been that way for the last 7 games. The Beavers need to come out strong and give the opponent something to think about while they take control of the game early.
  • I liked seeing Sabby play corner for a few plays while replacing and injured Lamar Herron, I think. I would of liked to see him get a couple of series’ there, just to see what he could do.
  • Speaking of the secondary, how can guys get that wide open? There were some Arizona guys that didn’t have a Beaver on them for 20+ yards. I did like the hustle that one safty had to catch up with the Arizona WR inside the one, the D ended up holding them to a field goal there.
  • I think that Matt Moore made some really bad decisions during the game. Yes, he had 6 interceptions, but they weren’t all his fault. The last one shouldn’t count, a deep desparation hail mary play at the end of the game. I think that the ball he threw to Dan Haines either should of been caught, or batted down instead of up for grabs.
  • Regarding Beaver nation’s obvious request for a QB change: I think Matt Moore is a good Quarterback. I’m sure he gives the Beavers the best chance of winning. You may put Ryan Gunderson in for a few plays, but whatever you do, don’t play redshirt freshman Sean Canfield, we’ll need him later on.
  • Playcalling wasn’t great at the end of the game. Kick the field goal for cryin, out loud!
  • Third and 10 on Defense: Watch out. I’d rather have 3rd and 1.
  • Oregon State is setting up to be a good football team. Both lines are fairly young, we’ve got good talent at QB, Yvenson still has a couple years, Afalava is coming on strong, and I can’t wait to see Tarver play.

Lets Buck Up and ‘Get Er’ Done’!!

Go Beavers!


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