I’ve been gone for a gew days- time to play catch up. Hoping to post more often this week.

Ugh. I think I’ve lost my confidence in OSU winning close games. It seams that in the past, we usually jump on the team, lose focus in the second and third quarters, then pounce right back on them in the fourth. If I look at the scoreboard in the third quarter and it says that we are down by a touchdown, that usually doesn’t worry me. Thats what I thought in the Arizona game, and thats what I thought in the Stanford game.

The Matt Moore Injury hurt us. I haven’t found an official report today saying wether he is out of not, but from what Riley said yesterday, It doesn’t look all that good. The only thing I have heard is ‘doubtful’. Never Know though. Although, I have faith in Gunderson. I thought he played a good game against Stanford. You have to forgive his little mistakes- the delay of game calls, offsides calls, and know that he will be working on the bigger things- reads, recognising defense- for next week’s Civil War. He should get most of the Snaps in practice. Even if Moore plays, don’t expect him to be slaving away in practice this week. If Gunderson starts, Colt Charles will be the number 2 guy, and then redshirt freshman Sean Canfield should remain a Redshirt freshman. I say that whatever you do, don’t play Canfield. It sounds like he’s too good to waste a whole year on one game.

I think that a lot of Beaver Nation liked to see Gunderson play, but in my mind Moore is still the better Quarterback. Give Gundy some game experience however, and you never know what might happen.

Man, our run defense is good. Averaging about 1.7 yards per carry, thats tough to beat. Our pass defense still needs some help, but their stats don’t look all that bad. 14 yards per completion is what they allowed, where as we get about 16 per completion.

This game looked like it could be over quick in the first three minutes of the game. Not the case. Stanford got us right back and we couldn’t climb out of the hole.

I didn’t even think I was going to make it to this game, but I did. My parents took two friends with our 4 tickets, and I scored a ticket in row 7 with a friend of ours. Right behind the Stanford bench. They were some sweet seats.

As for the officiating, I think we got some bad calls. Calls that we got and they didn’t. Still, you can’t have some of those- Roughing the Passer, Roughing the Kicker, Personal Fouls, etc. Not to make fun of the refs or anything, but I snapped this picture right after halftime. I think this picture speaks for football in General.

Ah, Good Stuff.
Go Beavers!

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