The 109th Civil War Preview

  Oh, Baby. Its that time of year again. The Civil War.

When the Ducks and Beavers collide for the 109th time tomorrow at Autzen Stadium, more will be on the line than you may think. For the Beavers, a shot at a plain-old bowl game. Potentially the last game for Mike Hass, Trent Bray, and the other Beaver Seniors. A chance to play in 4 consecutive bowl games. The opportunity to break the streak of the home team winning the last 8 games. For the Ducks, a high BCS bid. A chance to prove the nation wrong and land in a top bowl. Also, potentially the last game for their seniors.

All that and more will be laid on the line Saturday.

I think this will be a battle of the fittest. Whoever comes out with the best start I say will take the game. If the Ducks get into it first, have their fans behind them, It could be a tough game for Mike Riley and the Beavers. However, if the Beavers can rack up points early, take the crowd our of it, it could be a different story. Several Factors will play into this game:

  • The QB Factor: With Ryan Gunderson running the ship for the Beavers, and the two headed monster under center for UO, it could get interesting.
  • Mike Hass: Can/Will He get open against the Duck secondary? Long enough for Gunderson to get the ball to him?
  • The Running Game: Both teams have great running backs, but whose will be dominant?
  • DE-FENSE: Can the linebackers hold that one Duck QB to little rushing yards? How about the secondary?

That’s just my take. We’ll see how these questions get answered tomorrow.

Go Beavers!!


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