XBox Simulation… Civil War Edition

If this were 2003, and we played football in armchairs and recliners, this might be accurate. I’m telling you, in my mind, this is not accurate, but darn tootin’ I hope it is….

Well, predict all you want, but I have official results from the NCAA 2K3 Simulation of the Civil War!!!1 Oooohh, Ahhhh….. Okay. If you remember when I did the first simulation for the Cal game, My XBox predicted a victory. Cal was ranked high at the time, and the Beavers beat them. Maybe this is good luck? I kinda forgot about it until now, so maybe this will help us out.
Okay, here goes.

I did this simulation two ways. For the first game, I played as the Beavers. The final score was:

Oregon State 35, Oregon 6.

For the second round, I did a full simulation. I didn’t touch a single button the whole game. To resist temptation, I turned it on, left and did homework, and returned later. The final score was:

Oregon State 40, Oregon 0.

Wow. That makes my ability look bad. Yes, folks, this was the 2003 edition of NCAA Football, back when the Ducks won the Civil War on their way to a Sun Bowl apperance. I even recreated the game, playing at Autzen Stadium.

Disclaimer: Do not hold me to this prediction, I never said it was true, I hope it will be true, but no guarantees. Don’t come crying to me after they…. nevermind, that won’t happen! Hey, this is the 2003 version, back when the Beavers had Steven Jackson, DA, Richard Siegler, and some notable DB’s. Heck, Maybe I should just buy the 2006 version.

Go Beavers!


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