Civil War De-Briefing

  Ah, Shucks. Just wasn’t our year. Oregon got out to a great start and had the Beavers from there. Too many interceptions, turnovers, punts, and mistakes in general. Oregon State needed to come out strong and sit the Autzen crowd down early, and it didn’t happen. Just some brief notes:

  • Any thoughts on the Ducks’ uniforms? The announcers said they are next year’s uniforms, but they are wearing them early. I don’t know about the numbers, seems to take away from the game. I bet they have those as well as the new multi-colored sleve uni’s.
  • As for Ryan Gunderson. He played the game to the best of his ability, but just couldn’t get the job done. Oregon State needs to work on depth. When someone goes out, they need to have someone there to take over. No offense to Gundy, but the Ducks had us outmatched there.
  • Mike Hass had another okay game. The Ducks did a good job containing him, his longest reception was only 15 yards. I think he set a Pac-10 record for single season receiving yards. Great Job, you will be missed!

Thats just about it. I know we gave it all we had, but when it comes down too it, it is just hard to play at Autzen, especially in the Civil War. Good luck next year to all the returning players, as well as Seniors advancing into the next level. You will always be Beavers!

Go Beavs!


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