BlogPoll 13

  Week 13 BlogPoll

1. Southern California – They’re still #1 in my book. Even with the close victory over Fresno State, Texas will have to buy their ranking back from the Trojans.
2. Texas -DNP, Match up against Texas A&M Friday.
3. Louisiana State -They move past Miami as the Hurricanes fall to Georgia Tech(!). JaMarcus Russell threw for two TD’s in their 40-7 win over Mississippi.
4. Penn State -JoePa leads his team past Michigan and into the BCS Picture.
5. Notre Dame -Pre-BCS Predictions show Notre Dame and Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl. Remember, Oregon State beat the Irish in the Las Vegas Bowl last year.
6. Virginia Tech -The Hokies move to 9-1 beat rival Virginia 52-14, off a loss from Miami, who lost to GA Tech.
7. Ohio State -Beat Michigan in the Big House
8. Oregon -Enough Said
9. Auburn -Brigtened their BCS hopes with a win against ‘Bama.
10. UCLA -DNP, Showdown with USC in two weeks.
11. Georgia -I hate to rank them this high, but I think they are the best team of the below.
12. West Virginia -DNP
13. Miami -Ouch.
14. Louisville -DNP, but moved up in the process. I wish life were that easy.
15. Texas Tech -Up, Down, Up, Down, Up!
16. Alabama -Everybody knew they were overrated.
17. Fresno State -They put up a good fight against a good opponent.
18. Boston College -Err….
19. Florida State -DNP, Rivalry on Saturday.
20. Florida – See above. Both teams have bye weeks?
21. Georgia Tech -Welcome to the big picture.
22. Wisconsin -DNP, but oh boy they are ready to go to Hawaii next week.
23. South Carolina – Carolina was one of the thirteen colonies!
24. Clemson -Beat Steve Spurrier and the Gamecocks.
25. Iowa – Cut!

South Florida

Dropped Out:


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