Update Part II

Well, I realized that yesterday I forgot some things that I wanted to say. In no particular order: 

  • I caught the second half of the OSU-UNLV basketball game on the radio after watching the *cough* Ducks get beat by Georgetown. Great comeback for the Beavers. They came back from something like a 22 point deficit in the first half. They held UNLV to 4-31 shooting in the second half, and they didn’t get thier first basket of the half until less than 10 minutes left in the game. Great win, 69-63. That pushes them to 2-2 for the regular season. Next Game Saturday against Portland.
  • Duke. My God. If you didn’t catch the highlights from the Duke – Viginia Tech, you’re missing out. If you happen to have a subscription to the Duke Video Archive, you shold go look at this video. Not to give it away or anything… but Sean Dockery won the game for Duke with a 45 foot jump shot from just in front of half court- to put his team up by two and win the game. I found a sweet picture on the Duke site, but for some reason I couldn’t upload it. Here it is: Duke – VT
  • Uhh… Oh yeah. I know I’m repeating myself, but seriously, make sure you tune in tommorow for the College Football Awards Show. See my previous post here.

That’s about it for now. End-Of-Regular-Season BlogPoll coming soon.


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