Fiesta Bowl: Simulation

  Ohio State 35, Notre Dame 28  

Ohio State jumped out to and early 21-0 second half lead, but Notre Dame rallied back in the third. They scored a touchdown early in the third to push the score to 14-21, before Ohio State rallied back with two of their own. With 3:35 left in the game, Brady Quinn threw a bullet 60 yard TD pass to Rhema McKnight, putting the score to 21-35. The onside kick was recovered by Ohio State. Notre Dame forced them 3 and out, and Notre Dame regained possession. With about 2 minutes left, down 14, Notre Dame ran 11 run plays in a row, gaining 42 yards. That ran the clock to 7 seconds. Their last play Quinn completed touchdown on a hail mary pass to Maurice Stovall, with one second on the clock. 28-35. The Irish kicked an onside kick and recovered, but the clock ticked to zero and the game was over. Without the run plays, they could of tied, or won. Brady Quinn had the best day of both teams by far, throwing for 358 yards and three touchdowns. 


tune in at 1:30 on ABC


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